New puppy for Bitou River Lodge

Coming on Monday, ready or not!

That feeling of, Seriously? Was this really such a good decision ?? I’m not ready for this upheaval in my life! They’re going to hate me for the upheaval in theirs…

Which is, of course, nonsense.

And anyway she’s coming on Monday, ready or not.

The ‘she’ is our new puppy, a little blonde bombshell. ‘They’ are the family of animals already here, with their established routines, their easy discipline, the understanding of the rules (If You Have Just Swum In The River, You are Not Welcome On The Lounge Carpets).  Well, they might not actually understand the rules, but they mostly stick to them.

A new puppy? Not so much.

The very best thing about our animals is that they get on so well.  Mushki Cat  is The Boss & everyone knows it. He comes for walks round the farm with the dogs & they’re allowed to chase him, but they know exactly which line not to cross.  He has claws and attitude.

Mr Cat
Mr Cat

Nella minds her manners with the cat, but demands respect from Kian, who’s too chilled to care and just goes with the flow. He’ll enjoy a puppy. Nella might very well not. It’s potentially stressful being a new puppy’s owner, disrupting the familiar with the outrageous, hoping that things will work out happily for everyone.

And let’s face it, we haven’t had a puppy for years. We adopt adult rescue dogs & that’s that. This puppy adoption goes against all of our principles. But with a son-in-law who’s super-allergic to dogs – twenty-four non-stop sneezes on his first visit to Meet The Parents – and a brand new granddaughter who’s very likely to take after her dad, I’m taking no chances. I’ll put up with the puppy messes, the chewed table legs, the holes in the lawn, the puppy-training classes, the missing shoes… It’ll all be worthwhile. In the end.

And face it, she’s very cute. What’s not to love? Here she is: Lady Zazzi McDoodle. See you Monday!