Top 5 Hiking Spots around Plettenberg Bay

Posted on Mon May 17, 2021 in Attractions and Activities.

This is a tough one. How does one choose one’s favourite Plettenberg Bay hikes … beach…? forest….? river….? mountain….? In Plett we have them all!

But these are probably my top five:

1. The Robberg Half ( type: fynbos peninsula)

From the safe parking area on Robberg itself, you take the left path. Enjoy the views over Robberg Beach as you walk to The Gap. Then keep going on the left side. The path gets steeper until you pop out on top. Then it’s a gentle meander through fynbos until you get to Witsand, a huge sand dune. You could choose to go straight here, to The Point, but I prefer to turn right & go down to the beach. The tradition is to run the last bit. And scream. Then swim. Or walk round The Island first. Then swim. Turn your back to The Island & complete the half-circuit of Robberg, ending back at your car. It should take you 1 – 2 hours.

2. The Salt River Trail, Natures Valley (type: coastal forest)

From the shop at Natures Valley, walk onto the beach & turn right. You’ll find a path over the rocks, which is not for the faint-hearted, be careful. There’s also been a small landslip but it seems stable & well walked. The path climbs from the pebble beach into the coastal forest & then down to Salt River Mouth, where you can swim. The path then goes uphill through the forest for quite a way before you turn left to the Lookout Point & then back down to Natures Valley. It should take you 1 – 2 hours.

3. The Perdekop Trail, Harkerville (type: indigenous forest)

Park opposite the Harkerville Forestry office, issue yourself a permit & take a map. The trail is signposted with a horse-head logo. It’s an 8 km hike through wonderful indigenous forest. It should take you 1 – 2 hours.

4. The Kranshoek Trail, Harkerville (type: coastal fynbos)

To get to the start of this trail you need to drive through the Harkerville forest to the picnic site, where you park. Leave nothing visible in your car. Cross the little river above the waterfall & follow the path down to the sea, enjoying the views as you go. The forest ends where the rocky beach begins – go left. There are two paths back up the cliff: the shorter, steeper fishermen’s path which you’ll see first, or the longer route further down the beach. Footprints mark the trail. It should take you 2 hours or 4 -5 hours depending on the route you choose.

5. The Garden of Eden Mini-Hike (type: forest boardwalk)

This is a perfect family hike if you have littlies or oldies, or if you’re pushing a pram or a wheelchair. The boardwalk winds through lovely indigenous forest & ferns, crosses the river several times & has bench-&-table areas to stop off at along the way. The mossy trunks make good places for children (& fairies) to hide. Bring an umbrella & walk here in the rain. The boardwalk saves you from the mud & the trees keep the worst of the wet away. It will only take you 20 – 30 mins.

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